Tasty Spots in Town: Get a Bite of Budapest

You’d like to grab a bite but you have no idea which restaurant you should go to? Discover the city with us: here are our favourite joints and gastro events of the month!

PONTOON – Budapest Urban Hideaway & Beach

Pontoon, located at the north pillar (Pest side) of the iconic Chain bridge, is your new urban hideaway. All summer long they guarantee to show something new each day of the week. The venue is unique by design and packed with selected programs, a cultural/community space, and party spot. Their mission is to bring the Danube closer to the people of Budapest and the world.

8th Belgian Beer Festival

Between 19 and 21 May, the 8th Belgian Beer Festival awaits you with the best brands of the region: 43 Belgian breweries, 61 kinds of the liquid bread on tap and more than 140 types glassed-in! Visit Bálna on that fine spring weekend and taste as much of the incredible assortment as you can!

Vitéz Kürtős

You can’t miss out on tasting this sweet Hungaricum: chimney cake – a.k.a. kürtőskalács – became a real touristic attraction with its special shape, unforgettable flavour and spectacular preparation method. Taste the many delicacies of Vitéz Kürtős, it’s definitely part of the Budapest experience!

Bamba Marha Burger

With three joints located in the heart of the city (at Oktogon, Deák tér and next to St. Stephen’s Basilica) Bamba Marha Burger awaits you with a series of special meals: the combination of their homemade sauces, freshly baked buns and premium ingredients amaze every burger lover. Try their fantastic signature compilation that consists of some heavenly umami ketchup, Parmesan cheese, grilled shiitake mushrooms and grilled tomatoes or go for the Big Kahuna burger with grilled pineapple, teriyaki sauce and crispy bacon slices. Don’t think you can’t find the right composition if you’re vegetarian: there is a great burger that comes with grilled goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes to satisfy all your needs! Visit the friendly joint and stuff your belly with some juicy bites!

Gundel Restaurant

Considered to be one of the most traditional places in the Hungarian capital, Gundel Restaurant mixes the authentic flavours of the region with the newest technologies. With its stunningly beautiful interior design and fabulous garden, the prominent place awaits guest with extraordinary tastes and compilations. The many mouth-watering dishes are served by attentive waiters and that special atmosphere that Gundel is so famous for still lingers around the historic halls: every time the waiters emerge with a newer round of meals, their graciousness and humbleness fill the air. Visiting Gundel Restaurant has become part of the Budapest experience, so make sure you don’t miss out on a perfect encounter with the local gastronomy!

Trófea Grill Restaurant

Are you one of those people who have a really hard time picking their orders at the restaurant? If you would prefer sampling every available item on the menu in a nice environment, paying a friendly sum and then leaving in a state of peaceful happiness, Trófea Grill is your place to be! It is a dog-friendly restaurant, there’s only two rules your pet has to follow: be calm and keep off the buffet area. Bring your kids with you as well, while you’re out on your fourth food-scavenging round, they can busy themselves in the play corner. Trófea Grill also undertakes home delivery to a number of districts, so you can consume their heavenly pizzas and gluten-free hamburgers in the privacy of your home.

Black Cab Burger – Home To London’s Favourite Burgers

At Black Cab, burgers come in four sizes with many different toppings, including grilled bacon, onions, lettuce, tomato, jalapeno, three types of cheese, grilled pineapple, fried egg, various sauces and many more, so the odds of putting together a junior-sized burger are not at all in your favour. For the full experience, make sure you order your piece of the American dream with their homemade golden-brown fries, sprinkled with malt vinegar and fried in peanut oil. In case you have the appetite of a football team, the Giga Double Decker Burger is waiting just for you: it should keep your digestive system occupied for quite a while.