Speaking the Same Language

Knowledge is probably the most valuable thing in life and among the many academic fields or qualifications, speaking foreign languages counts as one of the most significant advantages, whether it is about seeking a better job and a higher position, or simply about communicating in a confident and comfortable way when it comes to different languages. The Berlitz Method® has become one of the most successful, effective and enjoyable ways of mastering languages other than your mother tongue.

One of the world’s leading language training providers earned its name for using a special, interactive method in teaching. In 70 countries with 550 locations across the globe, Berlitz offers an international atmosphere, absolutely flexible schedules, an easy to follow curriculum and a wide range of private, group or corporate classes. If you would like to acquire strong intercultural and interactive skills and enjoy the highly communicative, lively trainings, you won’t be disappointed in the 139 year-old method that managed to conquer the whole world. But the widely known language school does not only look for new students: they are currently recruiting teachers too!

You think you’re good at presenting the grammatical ins and outs of a language, you have the patience and the social skills as well as the motivation needed to be a good educator? Berlitz Hungary is now hiring English, German, Hungarian, Spanish, Dutch and Norwegian instructors, so if you feel like teaching in a friendly environment, located right in the heart of the city, with two headquarters situated along Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út and Váci utca, don’t hesitate: send your application and join the Berlitz team today!