30-Day Clean Eating Challenge

Clean eating has become some sort of a fancy slogan that gets thrown into the conversation more and more often. But behind its trendiness, there are several valuable thoughts you should really take into consideration. If you feel committed enough, you should try this 30 day clean eating challenges, based on the conditions below!

1. Opt for whole, fresh fruits: Don’t forget that fresh fruits and veggies are full of nutrients and fibers. You know, one apple a day…
2. Whole grains: It worth replacing white rice and white bread – they have both been stripped of their fiber and nutrients – with whole grains such as brown rice and quinoa.
3. 5 ingredients: Stick to recipes with five ingredients or fewer, make sure you enjoy all the natural tastes that can be found around you.
4. Can you find it on the store shelf? Take these wise words: when going through the list of ingredients on the back of a package, ask yourself if you would find each ingredient by itself on a store shelf or in your kitchen. If the answer is no, back away, right there!
5. Meal planning: Take your time to plan out your meals in advance. If you need any advice, there are all sorts of apps for that, check out our previous article on the topic!
6. Fill up on water. Your body needs water! Drinking at least four to six glasses of pure water each and every day helps you stay healthy and hydrated.
7. Eat less, but more frequently. Eat smaller portions, but a bit more frequently during the day, instead of having three large ones.