Cleaning the Plates

It’s hard to keep in good shape: many of us often have to realize that it does take a lot of energy to look good in swimsuits, after all. We nosh at the office during the day and we do some more crimes at night as we hand around the fridge. Those few – but truly uncomfortable – extra pounds crawl up very quickly, just like summer is coming real soon again. How can you be more conscious about what you eat and how much you exercise?

If you don’t go anywhere without taking your phone, this will be the perfect way for you to cut back on gobbling up more calories than your body can actually use up. If we wanted to stop toxins from getting inside our lungs, we would have to stop breathing. But to prevent poison from finding its way into our tummies, we definitely don’t have to stop eating! We can try to protect our health by at least making sure our food is clean – meaning it contains no harmful, over-processed, unnatural ingredients.

Eat This Much

Plan your meals, get some real creative recipes and follow up on your calorie intake by downloading Eat This Much!


A calorie counter, diet and exercise journal all in one application: set your goals regarding the daily intake as well as the time you want to exercise and let it keep you on track!

Daily Burn

The fitness app offers a wide range of useful features like online workout videos, coaching and streaming on the go!

Diet Assistant

One of the top weight loss apps will give you plenty of healthy options on what meals you should be consuming with a personalized diet plan.

Diet Point

With more than 130 hearty diet plans, this super application will come in handy right before you’d need to be too worried about that beach body.


This colourful app will give you a series of data, tracing your meal plans and exercises. You don’t even need to have a wearable device.

We tend to forget that decent and well-balanced water consumption is also vitally important. Water Your Body not only tells you how much water to drink based on your weight, but it helps you count your drinks by the glass. Plus, this application regularly gives you a push to remind you to take your next glass of fresh H2O…