Dialogue Concert Series at Bethlen Square Theatre: Music without Boundaries

Bethel Square Theatre awaits you with a new series that puts music in the spotlight: two outstanding musicians, different instruments and backgrounds, thus a truly inimitable phenomena comes to life on stage. The concerts within the confines of the Dialogue series promise exceptional experiences to the audience each month.

On 18 April, you can enjoy the marvellous concert of acclaimed musicians Béla Ágoston and Dániel Szabó. Dialogue, the concert series of Bethlen Square Theatre started in February, with the promise of bringing you the amazing performances of several highly praised Hungarian artists, just like Béla Ágoston (saxophone, steel drum, bagpipes, viola) and Dániel Szabó (dulcimer).

During the series, you can see the greatest talents of the Hungarian jazz and folk scene, with each musician presenting their own unique world and sound. Click here for further details on the tickets and dates of the Dialogue series’ next episodes!