9 Things the Nights Can Promise

We are not saying that Budapest is the best city, but we sure do know that it is among the best ones, especially during night-time. We, the residents of Budapest probably got used to these phenomena so much, we often take them for granted. But as soon as we leave our beloved capital, we realise the importance of the amazing facilities that make every night spent in Budapest unforgettable. Let’s see the top 9 reasons we love going out in Budapest.


While one might not start wandering around in some cities, in Budapest you should have no worries, especially in the downtown area, where policemen are constantly hovering, and in the clubs, where security is mostly helpful. Even Tom Hanks was surprised, how safe the streets are, even late at night or in the suburbs.

The chill-factor

As the weather gets warmer, we cannot resist the outdoor drinking events. The best spots for starting a night are the stairs under Bazilika, the soft grass of Erzsébet Square and the beautiful surroundings of Margaret Island with its countless opportunities. To consume, we recommend a good Hungarian wine, or cold beer, to make sure the spirit remains lit for the whole night.

The transportation system

You might not want to wave at a taxi-driver, like you would do in New York, but instead just jump into a yellow cab, since around Budapest this is the easiest way around. Make sure that the one you chose is yellow, with an official sticker on it, and there should be no problem. Sadly, Uber has been banned in Hungary, but most companies have since developed their own applications, allowing you to call a car anytime, anywhere without having to listen to elevator music for minutes. However, if you don’t prefer taxis, you can always use the public transportation system with your season ticket, or pick up a BUBI.

Unlimited fun

There are so many clubs, bars, ruin bars and parties around the city that surely everyone will find the perfect one according to their preferences, regardless the time or the genre they like. Also, every week international party-series and superstars arrive to Hungary make sure you have your fair share of unforgettable events.

Unlimited booze

The limitless number of bars, pubs, and clubs guarantee that no one has to survive the night sober or thirsty. While beer is really good at most places, there is a big scale of wine, and also a lot of cocktail or shot opportunities. Plus, everything is super-cheap, compared to other counties, in the shops and in the clubs as well.

Night-time eating

If you get hungry during your night out, you don’t have to starve, nor suffer from low-key gyros. There are plenty of street food joints that stay open for most of the night, serving various delicious meals to satisfy your cravings. Do you feel like eating some fresh pizza, a cheese plate, popsicles or maybe a bowl of fruit salad? You won’t be disappointed!

Night-time shopping

You decide on continuing the party at your own place, but realise it the last minute that your fridge contains nothing other but some green-ish cheese and orange juice – what a nightmare! Well, not in Budapest, where you can find a 0-24 shop basically anywhere.

Anytime is spa-time

The spas that are open till late are surely one of the most interesting parts of the Hungarian nights that attract water and party lovers from all over the world. Whether you want to have some rest, in Rudas for example, or want to experience the crazy parties in Széchényi, you are in the best place to do so!

Sightseeing by night

Budapest is famous for its beautiful buildings and monuments that are just as wonderful when the sun goes down. Take a walk around the Citadella, or visit the hills of Buda, from where the sunup looks breathtaking! There is nothing better than finishing your night while watching the lights turn off and the streets wake up.