This Is How We Should Drink Coffee According To Starbucks’ Expert

Spring is all about reformation, so why not make something new out of our regular coffee? With the simple tips of Adam Plangár, Starbucks’ coffee expert, we can individualize our favourite morning drink.

#1 Spice it up

Using spices is a great way to create something exciting out of our everyday coffee. Instead of chocolate and cinnamon flavours experiment with salt, Cayenne pepper, chilli or butter! Some salt strengthens the taste of the coffee, while chilli powder does the same to the senses. Adding butter to your coffee will result in a more intense taste and a more creamy substance that will leave you with a feeling of fullness.

#2 Focus on the additives

Ice cream: The more the summer weather is approaching, the more we crave for cold fresheners. Try to stir some ice cream into your coffee, and make your own ice latte!

Fruit: Feel like for something lemonade-like with caffeine in it? Starbucks gets you. All you’re going to need is their ‘Kenya’ coffee blend, ice, and orange.

Beyond those sweet tooth: Are you brave enough to try Starbucks’ herbal coffee from Asia with different types of cheese, or their African citrus coffee eating salty popcorn? We recommend you to do so.

#3 Do it differently

Experiment with the different coffee-making methods as well! Did you know that you can make coffee out of cold water? Leave the freshly ground coffee in room temperature water for 18-24 hours, then enjoy your own cold brew!