KIKO – The French DJ Who Has Been Inspired To Compose Music Even When His Mom Passed Away

KIKO produced more than 500 original tracks inspired by his own adventures life and existence itself.  In the last 20 years the personality of the French guy called Chrispohe Dallace unfolded inside the electronic music scene, he visited many countries around the world as an artist and this is the first time we can actually see him performing in Hungary.

During his music carrier he has been working with compatriots artists like Oxia, Citizen Kain and in 2012 Carl Cox asked him to collaborate during his French tour – so KIKO became the warm-up DJ of the well-known artist. His tracks are being played by such great DJs like Maceo Plex, Monica Cruise and he is very determined to continue music production: spending at least 8 hours in the studio during weekdays and travelling around in weekends to make his tunes unforgettable all around the world representing his true self. And the moment has been arrived: this Saturday we can enjoy his set in the Small Room (KisHall) of Akvárium Klub in Budapest! But first and foremost we made a short interview with him.

What did you feel when you were the official warm up for Carl Cox? 

I was the official warm up for his France tour ‘Revolution Tour’ between 2011- 2012.

Well, Carl Cox is one of a huge techno legend so I was very excited and also very proud, that was a great experience during a year. We met him in 1997 when I started my Phunky Data live with my friend Oxia. At this time, we were on the same label as Carl Cox, by this way We played several time for him like for his birthday in London or to the space in Ibiza  and for more occasion…

How can you take participate in a lot of projects such as Cold Miles, KIKO and constant partner producering? 

Since 20 years, I work in studio 8 hours a day. During 20 years, I producted near 500 tracks.

I love sharing and working with my friends. The first time was with Oxia in 1997, our live was named Phunky Data. Then, for Cold Miles I work with Olivier Giacomotto, we know eachother since 20 years, and we started working on tracks together 3 years ago, then we took the decision to build a new project which is called ‘Cold Miles’ this way, we will play very often together. Our first official date  ‘Cold Miles’ will be at  ‘Marvellous Island Festival’ on the 7 May in Paris. Same with my friend Citizen Kain, I met him 20 years ago, but we only started working  together last year on ‘EP on noir music’. The EP was successful and playing by the best figure of Techno such as Maceo Plex , Laurent Garnier , Adam Beyer , Monika Kruse , Joris Voorn , Noir, and more !!!

What would you say or what could you advise to the beginner producers / djs? How can a beginner DJ / Producer succesful nowdays? 

My first advise to the beginner producers would be “the Patience” ! Step by step !

Now it’s very easy to mix with a good material, but, it doesn’t mean you are a good DJ.

Same for music production, it’s easy to make it. But, to be a good producer, sound must be different and special among thousands tracks coming everyday.

When was the last time when you went to a party as one of the audience?

It was during my last Australian Tour 3 weeks ago, I went to ‘Electronic Picknik’ in Melbourne to see my friends. The Hacker and François Kevorkian. It’s a huge event during afternoon with 7000 people. I had great time. I hope I’ll be back in Australia soon, maybe next year ! I really love the atmophere there.

What is your top 5 track at the moment?

1 – hatzler – collider ( citizen Kain & kiko remix ) – stil vor Talent

2 – dubfire & miss kittin’- ride ( Solomun remix ) – sci+tec

3 – noir & olivier Giacomotto – Blackrays ( kiko & citizen Kain remix ) – Suara

4 – gaist – mind – elevate

5 – pig & dan & adam Beyer – capsule – drumcode

Have you ever been in Hungary?

Not yet, the 8 April will be the first time in Hungary and I’m glad !

What would you say to your Hungarian fans? 

Firstly, I would say thank you to listen to my music and giving me the opportunity to play in your country. I will play my promo and last tracks which have not been released yet, hoping my Hungarian fans will come numerous on the 8 April.

What kind of hardwares and DAW software are you use for music compoosing? 

Since 24 years, I am used to compose my music on sequencer cubase, I also use Software and I love Arturia plugin.

What inspire you mostly? 

I am inspired by every step on my life ! the good and bad events ! For exemple, I have producted my track ‘Slave of my Mind’, which is a reference today, when I lost my Mum. This track is for her ! I am also inspired by other artists such as Jeff Miles in 1998 when I released my biggest succes track ‘World Cup’ !

How do you imagine yourself in the next 5 year and what are your future plans?

I guess the same as today ! composing music everyday and playing music, doing my gigs on the weekend!

It’s all I know to do, it’s my life and Iam not ready, at all, to stop !

Thank you !

Check out KIKO playing at April the 8th in the Akvárium Klub presented by the collaboration of Switch and HERZ event series and till then we recommend the brand new episode of the HERZ podcast series made by the man himself a couple of days ago!