10 Professions from the Future at Startup Safary

Did you know that most of the startups have a happiness manager who works for the wellbeing of the employees? You’re wondering if you would need chatbots in your own business or you’d like to know more about what a growth hacker does? You can find it all out between 20 and 21 April: Startup Safary awaits you with 10 professions that already exist at the innovative enterprises and will soon reach other companies as well.

Close to 200 firms will open their gates within the confines of Startup Safary at several venues around the city to welcome students, parents, job seekers or those who’d like to start a new career. During the two-day festival, you can meet those who already work in these special positions – and what are these exactly?

Mood Manager / Happiness Manager

In this position, you have to make sure everyone feels great at the company. Actually, it’s a special HR role, and the responsibilities include much more than just organizing the annual teambuilding events. At Google, for example, the mood manager directly communicates something like: „Don’t go home, you can have everything here, we order your dinner and make your bed, just stay and work more.”

Does the company need a happiness manager? You wouldn’t think, but almost every local startup has such employee. Now, that the competition is bigger than ever and it’s not easy to keep the good workers, this position might be crucial in the system.

How can I become one? So far, no particular training has been initiated. You have to be a real energy bomb to be good at this, have a bright attitude and a creative way of solving problems. It’s not a dream job: there are only a few people who are really skilled to do this with the same intensity throughout the whole year.

User Experience

This is the person who tells about all the problems that can occur when starting a new website, discusses the issues with the management and marketing team by analysing the site or online store and gives useful tips and pieces of advice on how the menu and other details should look like. They also use a focus group to examine certain questions like this button or that line should be red or blue.

Does the company need such specialists? They are absolutely indispensable for advertising and media agencies, but a busy webshop could also use a good “unex”.

How can I become one? You have to be a complex specialist on this field, experienced in marketing, business and have a decent knowledge in programming.

Data Analyst

It’s probably one of the key positions to almost every company: Edina Heal, the manager of Google Hungary said: „Nowadays, it’s not up to the traders to seek the needs of the customers. You find that out by their online attitude and the traders just have to tend upon that.” But the huge mass of data has to be systematized by someone, that’s why you need a data analyst. Besides traders, the manufacturers can also benefit from this position as the analyst can predict which machine or device would break down and when.

Does the company need such specialists? Yes, definitely.

How can I become one? You need to be an expert on the given field, have a thing for mathematics and long research work. It would be an advantage to be a bit like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory!


If you’ve ever felt like the website you were surfing on kind of addressed you personally and provided relevant information to your questions, it means the chatbot has worked very well. The chatbot is the person who models the human interactions without you noticing that you’ve been talking to a robot for minutes.

Does the company need such specialists? It’s important for creating a reliable and smoothly operating customer service.

How can I become one? This is a very new, continuously changing environment. Filling this position requires an analytic mind and some IT knowledge as well as linguistic skills.

Community Manager

Sales above and beyond: the community manager deals with everything from networking to the ongoing affairs of the business, managing everything from the background: selling products, looking for newer investors, etc. This position combines the responsibilities of a manager and a sales accountant. One of the most famous guests of this year’s Startup Safary, Chris McCann will set a great example of how to do this the best way possible.

Does the company need such specialists? You can find people doing this at most of the companies, but you might want to have one person dealing with all the matters related to this field.

How can I become one? If a good sales accountant gets a bit more space and scope of authority, he/she can automatically become a community manager.

Growth Hacker

A.k.a. the marketing manager of a lower budgeted company that has great potentials on the market. The growth hacker has simply got to make a miracle and do that all within the confines of a relatively smaller budget. They have to know the brand very well to present its value and find a way to reach the target audience.

Does the company need such specialists? Yes, if marketing is important, though you don’t have much to spend on it.

How can I become one?  It’s not a real easy position as the entire future of the company depends on the growth hackers, while they don’t get enough money to make their dreams come true. It’s a challenge to find the right way through all this and takes a lot of wit and creativity to succeed.

Social Influencer

Opinion leaders hired by a company to represent the brand on various social media platforms like Instagram or YouTube. The fans won’t even realise that they’re watching an advertisement.

Does the company need a Social Influencer? If the person really loves and knows the brand, it’s a much better choice than hiring a low class celebrity. A great example for that is the strategy of Red Bull: they support extreme sportsmen who have many fans around the globe.

How can I become one?  You need an outstandingly great Instagram or YouTube account to build your own brand first, then you may think about other possibilities once you’ve become an opinion leader.


The Growth Hacker of mobile apps: the magician of applications who decides when the product is ready to go to the store and what sort of advertisement is needed to promote it.

Does the company need an ASO? If The app is a native product, then the answer is: definitely!

How can I become one?  Mix the skills of a growth hacker with some knowledge of the mobile app market.

Innovation Manager

Usually, multinational companies employ such individuals, but an innovation manager could be great help to a smaller firm, too. They don’t make predictions but take a closer look at the system and work out how it could be even better.

Does the company need such specialist? If you’re company can’t seem to move forward, then it’s a wise decision to hire an innovation manager to shake things up a bit.

How can I become one?  It’s good to have experience in running a business and being responsible for serious decisions, but having soft skills is quite important, too.

Y Generation Specialist

This is a bonus position as the members of the y generation (people who were born between 1980 and 1996) can feel like they can’t fit into their working environment sometimes: focusing on one thing at a time is more difficult for them, they can’t concentrate that easily. These could be misinterpreted as bad working attitude by the management team, while all you need is someone to help you understand how the mind of the y generation works.

What is the Startup Safary?

It all started in Berlin five years ago, aiming to introduce the startup world to a wider audience and connect the different actors of the market. The companies will open their gates for two days, so that everyone, from professionals to students and business enthusiasts can take a closer look at the startups’ everyday lives. It has been organized in more than 10 cities across Europe, from Paris to Athens. The first event was held last year in Budapest, attracting close to 3 thousand participants.

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