TEDxDanubia Conference on Technology, Entertainment and Design

We all seem to lose the spark, sometimes. The haste of everyday life can completely exhaust our motivational resources, so from time to time, we need to recharge our mind and soul. The TEDxDanubia Conference is once again aiming to provide thrilling, original and pioneer ideas on a series of topics that appear in our lives on a daily basis. Leave the greyness of ordinary weekdays behind and step into the hall of possibilities: the future starts today, and you’d probably wish to be a part of it!

On 4 May, the unique, multi-disciplinary conference from science to arts, business to adventure will bring you a wide range of interesting topics at MÜPA Budapest. You can meet leading thinkers and doers from around the world including:

  • Giulia Enders, medical doctor and author of the bestseller entitled “Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ”
  • István Kenyeres, biotechnologist, who creates sustainable „BioMakeries” – integrated, intelligent urban structures that help close the water, food, waste and energy loops
  • Darlene Damm, Vice Chair of Global Grand Challenges at Singularity University and founder of DIYROCKETS, the first company to crowdsource the development of space technology
  • Gingger Shankar, world-famous singer, violinist and composer, the only female in the world to play the 10-string double violin, and who has worked with icons such as Mel Gibson, Trent Reznor and Mike Myers

This year’s main theme, ‘Alone and Together’, was inspired by our everyday reality. The intellectual and emotional journey will take you through the consequences of hyper-connectedness and the modern from of a certain isolation caused by our always online presence. The talks of TEDxDanubia Conference promise a lot of memorable moments, offering a new perspective on a wide range of things: new, exciting ideas, innovative thoughts in connection with current issues – all set in a truly inspiring environment.