Your Guide to Street Workout

Now, that spring is officially around the corner, it takes courage not to go out. Can’t you feel the air of your usual gym getting intolerably stinky, the gym-membership getting too expensive and the claustrophobia closing you between the four walls? If you do, don’t worry, this is just the way your body is telling you to go out to a street workout park.

These adult playgrounds are appearing around Budapest really fast: at this moment there are over a hundred possibilities in various public parks. Some consist only of a few sticks, but some are just as good equipped as a gym. We collected the bests in the city, to make sure you find the one that is the closest to your apartment, and to your heart as well.

Street workout is a movement, that started in the US. It got so famous there, that even competitions are organized, where cool kids with golden skin and perfect muscles are showing off their moves to the public. The biggest Hungarian street workout community, HunBars was founded in 2008, and has hundreds of members as well.

But these minimalist playgrounds are not only for the young ones aiming for a perfect summer body, or a popular Insagram-picture. Busy officemen and older people, who could not afford to go to an expensive gym are also welcomed, as well as the ones who need to take stress out somewhere during the day.

Margaret island

On the island there are multiple street workout locations: on the south side a brand new, small but well-equipped one, and the North side a bigger, but simpler, and between MAC and the pool an older but really big one. Whichever you choose, you sure will find someone you can ask for advice too, since a lot of professionals go there.

Városmajor Park

In the heart of Buda, under the huge trees there is this park, that originally was built for the parkours, a.k.a. athletes jumping off buildings, doing backflips on walls and running on rooftops. Don’t worry, training there doesn’t involve any of these actions, but there is also a running track around the park and water well.

Városliget Park

In Városliget, around the corner of Ajtósi and Dózsa street, there is a street workout park that was there before street workout got cool. A few years ago a new one was founded in the area as well, but the professionals and their coaches never left the older and better equipped base. However, if you are a beginner, you sure will have fun on both.


There are more than ten opportunities in Óbuda. The most famous one takes place near Harrer Pál street, but the biggest is on the corner of Laktanya and Vöröskereszt street, that was renovated a few years ago, and comes with a skater rink and a basketball field as well.

Bikás Park

The park near Metro line 4 is also freshly renovated, and is open 0-24. Next to the runner tack, the machines are on a basic level, but since they come with instructions, they are perfect for beginners.

Hajógyári island

On 8ooo m2 there are multiple playthings for kids and adults as well. A water fountain and environmentally friendly lamps are installed to make the park as comfortable as possible all day and night.

Of course there are tons of outdoor workout places arond Budapest and the county, about what you can find more informations HERE.