Take a Look Inside the Pilot’s Life

Passengers are not the only ones having to have a rest during a long flight. While you potentially have seen the place normal tourists pass out, a few times even the comfy chairs of economy and business class passengers, and maybe even the beds of flight assistants, we are sure you never thought about the pilots place to nap. Well, they have one, and you can take a look inside them here.

On most planes, the pilot’s resting area can be found above first class and tucked behind the cockpit, where pilots climb up on hidden stairs or ladders. Most sleeping quarters are tiny, but enough to fit for two people. Boeing Airplanes have two business class seats and two beds, served with curtains to minimize the sound of the plane and phones to make the resting men easy to reach.

In case you were wondering, bathrooms the pilots use are not fancier than normal ones. But they probably never have to wait for hours and are better cleaned as well, that is fair enough.

However, every airline has its own way of treating the most important men on their plane. Singapore Airlines, for example rewards its pilots with golden, satin pillows, while on American Airlines they get to watch a TV screen bigger than any passenger has.