Readers Around the World

A person who reads is barely lonely or bored but entertained, educated, and/or informed by the book. In the act of reading the fantasy world of a book is often reflected on the face of the people; it can raise them from the present moment, and stop the world for a little while.

Steve McCurry, the photographer of Magnum Photos, was taking pictures of people immersed in reading all over the world for forty years.

Fotó: Steve McCurry/Magnum Photos

The photographer was inspired by André Kertész, the famous Hungarian photographer:

I met the legendary photographer André Kertész shortly after I moved to New York in my early thirties. Some of his most intriguing pictures were photographs of people reading. They were taken over a 50-year period, and were collected in his book On Reading, published in 1971.

– he told to BBC.

Photo credit: Steve McCurry/Magnum Photos

Source: BBC