Theatre on the Roof: Hitler and Hitler

“Hitler and Hitler” is surrealistic farce, based on the play by the controversial Russian author Konstantin Kostenko, which won the Russian Drama Award Competition in 1995.

It is not classical biographical performance about Hitler, it is rather collage of artistic reflections on the book “Mein kampf” and Hitler’s table talk, filled with rich imagination and vivid fantasy. Berlin based actors, led by Christian Harting, known for his role in the Oscar wining “Son of Saul” together with the Macedonian director Oliver Micevski created “Hitler and Hitler” a performance which offers different perspective than the established one, and create a new, yet painfully recognizable portrait of the paranoid dictator. Hiler’s image is universal and remains relevant in todays political context, which makes the performance sound like a political, aesthetic and moral challenge in the times of far left and far right populist, demagogic and authoritarian governments.

Don’t miss out on the premiere taking place at Átrium on 17 May!