All You Need Is Change: The Transformation of a Homeless Man Into a Handsome Gentleman

Appearance does matter. In fact, it can be life-changing in some cases. It definitely changed the life of a homeless man who, with the help of a local hair salon, was transformed into a whole new man.

Living in the streets of Palma, Mallorca for 25 years, Jose Antonio was well-known by the locals. He used to help them park their cars in the city centre.

In July 2015, Salva Garcia, the owner of La Salvajeria hair salon, offered Jose a full makeover free of charge. Jose asked them to cover the mirrors during the whole procedure so that the result would be a surprise to him, but he never expected anything like this…

When the transformation was revealed, Jose burst into tears saying “My God… Is this me?”

Later he told reporters that this makeover hadn’t only changed the way he looked, but it had also changed his life. Jose is now off the streets restarting his life.

You can watch his transformation here:

Source: Bored Panda