The Opposite Side: ‘Volte-Face’ by Oliver Curtis

Photographer Oliver Curtis travels around the world, visiting the most famous landmarks, but instead of putting the well-known touristic sights in the focus, he shoots the opposite view. Try to guess which picture belongs to what monument! 

Oliver Curtis has visited 44 countries for his fantastic series titled “Volte-face”. The concept was inspired by a trip to Egypt: “The idea came to me whilst visiting the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt,” says Curtis. “I had been working in Cairo and had a free day, so took the opportunity to visit the famed necropolis. On arriving at the Great Pyramid of Khafre, I decided to walk around the base to see it from all angles. As I returned to my starting point, my back to the Pyramid and facing out to the suburbs of Giza, I was struck by the incongruous sight of a brand new golf course sandwiched between the waste-strewn sand of the desert and the smog-layered city beyond.”

via yen