Signs That You Are Becoming Hungarian Part 2

Budapest is a city, that gets under your skin, makes you love it, and never lets you go. In case you can’t decide if you have became more like a native Hungarian, not even after reading our previous article, here are 10 signs, that everyone living in Budapest for a long time should recognize.

You are friends with the cashier in the 0-24 store near your place, so he/she allows you to buy alcohol after 10 pm.

If you visit another town, you try to go into abandoned houses, because you think there is a design store or a pub inside.

It doesn’t bother you anymore that you have to hold the door in most clubs, since the lock is broken.

When drinking during daytime, you have two options: fröccs when the temperature is over 20 degrees, mulled vine when it drops below that.

You stop wondering why things cost 299HUF when the smallest available coin is 5 Forint. You just accept your loss.

It doesn’t bother you anymore that the bar you start your night in is a hair salon as well. Or a vintage boutique. Or a candy shop. Multitasking.

You don’t bother seeing a group of nazis, soldiers from the middle ages, horses or a famous Hollywood actor. It is just another movie shot in Budapest.

Also, you’ve unwillingly appeared as an extra in at least three major Hollywood movies when you’ve walked home late at night, a little bit tipsy.

The existence of the carrot-selling lady at Szimpla Bar is nothing special for you anymore.

Anytime you see a beautiful picture or post about Budapest on BBC, The Guardian, CNN or The Telegraph, your heart skips a beat. Because after all, it is now sort of your city, and you are proud.