Where Legends Are Born: National Equestrian Theatre

Ancient Magyars were famous for their riding skills and the equestrian traditions are still kept alive by some dedicated and hardworking artists, who try their best to preserve a piece of our cultural heritage in the modern era.


Tibor Pintér actor and director of Sziget Theatre established the first Hungarian equestrian theatre in Komárom eight years ago. To expand his vision, he created the National Equestrian Theatre located in Budapest to present their authentic productions to a wider audience. Their performances offer a real unique experience, a true Hungaricum that you can take home as a never fading souvenir. The repertoire includes such well-known Hungarian operettas as Countess Marica, Circus Princess, Womenmarket or famous rock opera the Hungarian Conquest, which was impressively staged by 40 horsemen, 50 actors and approximately 30 horses.

Check out their performances, starting the season with Matthias the Just from 10 March!