Fröccs takes it all

Hungarians are known for drinking quite a lot, mostly when it comes to the vibrant nightlife of Budapest. And while you probably heard of hungaricums like Unicum and pálinka, we believe that a guide to Hungarian alcohols, especially the wines, might come in handy.

You probably won’t meet Unicum, the historic, medicine-like liqueur while clubbing, but Pálinka is one worth knowing. It is a strong fruit brandy, which can only be produced in Hungary, according to the European Pálinka Law. You might see some lighter versions in the supermarkets, but the original pálinka can contain up to 86% alcohol.

Pálinka might not be the best choice for everyone, but Hungarians cannot resist some Wine-Spritzer (or fröccs in Hungarian, as I will later refer to it). You might ask: why would anyone drink the amazing wines produced in Hungary with soda? Well, it has various reasons to be a hungaricum: it is a refreshing drink with delicious taste, and the celebration of the soda water invented here by Ányos Jedlik.

There are countless ways to make fröccs, for example the Big-Spritzer or Nagyfröccs (2 dl wine, 1 dl soda) Small-Spritzer or Kisfröccs (1 dl wine, 1 dl soda) The Long Stride or Hosszúlépés (1 dl wine, 2 dl soda) The Concierge or Házmester (3 dl wine, 2 dl soda), only to name the most popular ones. Red wine should be avoided when making fröccs, while white wine and rose are equally good with sparkly water. Don’t forget: soda water won’t make them taste better, in fact it might amplify the artificial taste.

Fröccs for fancies

If you want to do something even more special, with what you will surprise your local friends as well, try this spring inspired strawberry and lemon flavoured fröccs! For one serving combine 2 tablespoons of strawberry juice with 3 tablespoons of lemon juice, 1 dl soda water and 1 dl wine (experts recommend the fruity white wine, Irsai Olivér). Add ice cubes, decorate with fruit slices, and enjoy!

szerző: Rutai Lili