This is What Happens, When Dancers Occupy Budapest

Fourteen years ago a New York based photographer called Dane Shitagi started a movement. He dreamed a series about ballet dancers posing in the set of monumental buildings in the city. A few years ago the trend arrived to Hungary as well, thanks to Dóra Tünde.

Dancers from the Operaház, Operett Színház and Magyar Táncművészeti Főiskola are captured by the Opera metro station, the Heroes Square and the bridges. A few days ago, some new photos were published on the Bored Panda website, including pictures about the famous baths of Budapest, the coast of Donau, Csepeli művek and the Groupama Arena.

On the Ballerina Project Hungary facebook site pictures are posted every day, and the movement is active on Instagram and Tumblr as well. All together more than a hundred photos have been taken of the dancers, who want to bring this mysterious sport closer to the public.

In fact, this is one of the reasons the movement exists. In the pictures from Dóra the flexible body of the women opposed to the substantiveness of the buildings. The result is kind of surreal, but definitely amazing. It’s worth a like!