“Alright, alright, alright” – The Best Oscar Acceptance Speeches

The countdown has started: the most exciting night for movie lovers is just around the corner and we definitely need to train our inner movie geeks. Here is a fine compilation of our favourite Oscar speeches ever!


#9 Roberto Benigni

It’s one thing to make such and extraordinary movie as Life is Beautiful, then winning an Academy Award for it, but to make that famous Italian accent the most adorable thing for about three minutes, is a completely different – and wonderful – story.

#8 Meryl Streep

Holding the record for the most Academy Award nominations of any actor – with a total of 20- she is one among the five actors who have ever been able to win three of the much appreciated golden statuettes. And yet, she is still such a humble, lovely human being.


#7 Jack Nicholson

What a movie, what an actor, what a speech!

#6 Robin Williams

The legendary comedian didn’t put the jokes aside, of course! This funny and at the same time very emotional speech has become even more touching since he passed away. We miss you dearly!

#5 Charlize Theron

You may know about her beauty and talent, but you might not be familiar with the incredible story behind the South African actress, who went through a lot to make her dreams come true.

#4 Russel Crowe

One of the shyest and most honest moments in the Oscar history, delivered by the Gladiator himself.

#3 Ennio Morricone

Although the big maestro has received 6 nominations and an honorary award, this was the first time he won Best Original Score. His modesty and deep devotion is truly touching.

#2 Tom Hanks

Did Tom Hanks manage to win an Academy Award in two consecutive years? Yes, he did. And here’s how he redefined the concept of love confessions, too.

#1 Matthew McConaughey

In 2014, the golden charmer of many romantic comedies delivered two impeccable things: his performance in Dallas Buyers Club that earned him an Academy Award, and his acceptance speech for the statuette.