Sophisticated “Bistronomy” at Monk’s Bistrot

Though Monk’s Bistrot is about to celebrate its second anniversary soon, many are still not quite familiar with the astonishing atmosphere and wide range of wonderful bites offered by this friendly joint.

„Good wine needs no bush” and this place prooves that, too: owed to the dedication and tireless enthusiasm of the staff, the Bistrot became one of the most acclaimed places of the Hungarian capital. Because quality attracts many people, and if you visit Monk’s once, you’ll surely return later on, as well.

With a 360-degree view of its huge chef’s table, you can have an insider look of the kitchen while consuming some lovely dishes. They don’t try to hide anything, it’s quite the other way around: you are invited to see the process that transforms the ingredients into the meals landing on your plate.

Monk’s Bistrot has its own sophisticated way of combining the ingredients and spices of different regions, with surprising – and mouth-watering – results. The staff took a break after the winter holidays, and now they’re back with a new menu, introducing new tastes lead by chef Norbert Krasznai. If you’re looking for a lighter course, you should try the Chicken Supreme with Forest Mushrooms, Red Wine, Wheat and Tarragon or Cod with Orange, Carrot and Chilli. If you’re a real meat lover, you should definitely go for the Brisket with Smoked Tomato, Pearl Beans and Horse-Radish but the Calf Liver with Quail Eggs and Egg Barley also became widely popular recently. Don’t miss out on the divine Wild Boar with Brussels Sprouts and Thyme, either! They offer marvellous vegetarian meals, too, such as the Red Beet Risotto with Goat Cheese and Sweet Cumin.

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