6 Vines Capturing Unforgettable Super Bowl Moments

Super Bowl LI will be held this Sunday, in Houston, Texas, so it’s time start to get ready for the game that promises tons of excitement. Before the clash of the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons, let’s see some memorable moments of the previous finals!


#6 Roar!

Do you remember when Katy Perry rode that huge, gold tiger in a flamy dress?


#5 #BestBuds

A real good Budweiser Super Bowl commercial includes at least one cute puppy. In 2015, they were looking for their best friends…


#4 The Perfect Fast Food Delivery

It’s just physically impossible to watch the big game without pizza, right? Pepsi teamed up with Papa John’s Pizza for Super Bowl XLIX. Here’s how they mastered the ad, starring Jerod Mayo from the New England Patriots:


#3 Dunkin For the Extra Point

In 2013, coffees took the field as Dunkin Donuts decided to recreate some of the previous Super Bowl games in a certainly unique way. It was also the first TV ad ever to use Vine.


#2 Battle in the Elevator

ESPN’s unforgettable Vine was made to honour the teams of the 2014 SB in the funniest way possible!



#1 Marshawn Lynch and his Strange Addiction

The running back for the Seattle Seahawks surely had a thing for rainbow coloured Skittles! And he also didn’t shy away from nibbling at his favourite sweets during Super Bowl XLIX, either.