Ways to Start Anew

When the Earth finishes moving in its orbit around the Sun, we are blessed with the possibility of another 365 days to fulfil our dreams, pursue happiness and correct the mistakes we might have done previously. But besides the philosophical new beginning, we may also want to start the New Year fresh, with a clean bill of health. Here is how to detoxify yourself when entering upon 2017!

1. Water

We often forget to drink enough water, though we should have at least two litres a day. If you a live an active lifestyle or do exercises, your body needs even more than that. The first step to a healthier lifestyle is to cleanse your system: keep a bottle of water right at your table to remind yourself of having a sip from time to time!

2. Party Less, Sleep More

Sleeping is crucial to our health: if the body can’t have enough time to relax, your immune system starts to grow weak and what’s even worse, tiredness can affect your current mind-set and the way you react to certain problems. Don’t wait until you feel exhausted and stressed out, pay attention to yourself and learn to set boundaries when it comes to going to bed!

3. Yoga

Besides doing exercises as many times you can, you should devote some quality time to keep your body and soul balanced, as well. Yoga is the perfect method to do so: get away from the noise of the world and focus on your inner self and let go of the disturbing thoughts that feed your anxiety. Step aside from your problems and enjoy being free and careless!

4. Eat Healthy Food

It’s true: you are what you eat! Even if you don’t have much time to cook, you can always be a bit more considerate when you decide which ingredients you’d like to use in your own kitchen. Organic, bio or simply better quality foodstuff is absolutely accessible, it only takes a bit care to select healthier items as you stroll through the labyrinth of goods.

5. Slow Down

Don’t wait till you burn out: enthusiasm is something that should be cherished not overrun! Take a breath and slow things down! Go for a walk, exercise, read or learn new things that can take you mind off the everyday hustle and bustle. Enjoy every minute you get to spend with your family and friends, try not to be in a rush all the time, leave the work in the office and challenges for tomorrow!