The Hottest Songs of 2016

We could go on and on about the best songs of last year as there were quite many nice beats that thrilled us during the past 12 month. Here are the FUNZINE team’s favorite ones! 

A massive hit that makes you move your feet and head to the nearest club immediately. Got a Hennessy in your hand already?

Presenting probably one of the most popular party songs of last year, Sia climbed the charts along with Sean Paul and these vibrating tunes.

Justin Bieber has been in the showbiz since 2008, rising to the top with unstoppable pace. Here’s another anthem by the cute Canadian from 2016!

Justin Timberlake still knows what pop music is about: his song from the Trolls is just like Pharell Williams’ Happy – you can’t get enough of it!

Though her concert at Sziget festival left many fans quite disappointed, the result of the Barbadian singer teaming up with Calvin Harris was the ultimate sound of summer!