Shadow on Stone -The art of Lili Ország

2016 Dec. 16. - 2017 Mar. 26.

The Hungarian National Gallery continues its series of exhibitions on key personalities in Hungarian art with a show dedicated to Lili Ország (1926–1978), one of the most important and distinctive figures in modern Hungarian painting.

Her early works were inspired by the aquarells of Szőnyi then she ‘tried out’ the surrealism of René Magritte and Giorgio de Chirico. Her ‘icon paintings’ with their colourful and transcendent shine went towards from the realist surrealist characteristic to the strict, constructive vision – and a very special, non-figurative, meta-physical surrealism. Lili Ország is one of the most famous Hungarian artist from the XXth century. She was born exactly 90 years ago. This retrospective and grand exhibition is a worthy celebration of her life and art.


Hungarian National Gallery

1014 Budapest, Szent György square 2.