5 Movies We Loved Last Year

The upcoming Golden Globe and Academy Award ceremonies will remind us of the many great pictures directors and actors have presented us lately. Take a look at our favourite films of 2016! 

#5 The Nice Guys

The fine duo stole our hearts in this sensational action-comedy. Russel Crowe and Ryan Gosling surely had the chemistry while investigating the disappearance of a young girl: unexpected turns and lots of laughter directed by the action movie genius Shane Black.

#4 Jackie

Giving an astonishing performance by portraying Jackie Kennedy, Natalie Portman is probably up for another Oscar. Look through the eyes of a mother and wife as she struggles with the loss of her husband, the president of the United States.

#3 Hacksaw Ridge

Mel Gibson takes us to a journey where we can not only face the unspeakable horrors of the pitch black rifle-pits, but gauge the worth of human values that can give strength and courage in the darkest of hours. The performances of Andrew Garfield and Vince Vaughn were both impeccable!

#2 Nocturnal Animals

Winning the Grand Jury Prize of the 73rd Venice International Film Festival, Nocturnal Animals is something you will surely remember for a long time. It makes you toss and turn and crave for a second – and third – look till you fully get each and every take along with their truest meanings.

#1 La La Land

Yes. We watched it. Yes, Damien Chazelle did it again! The best word to describe La La Land might be “inspiring”: true magic happens on the screen as a love story unfolds before our eyes. It’s a must see, even if you’re not a fan of musicals!